Wilde Play by Play

 A  Selective,  Classified  International  Bibliography of  Publications  About  the  Drama  of Oscar Wilde



Oscar Wilde, 1854-1900: A Descriptive Chronology of His Plays,

         Theatrical Career, and Dramatic Theories

Charles A. Carpenter

 August 7 2013

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Sources Consulted

3. Abbreviations

4. Wilde’s Essential Writings and Statements Relevant to His Drama Publications

5. Publications about Wilde’s Drama and Its Background I : Collections of Essays

6. Publications about Wilde’s Drama and Its Background II : Bibliographic and Reference Works

7. Publications about Wilde’s Drama and Its Background III : Comprehensive, General, and Introductory Works on Wilde’s Drama

8. Selected Biographical Works

9. Selected Theatrical Commentaries

10. Wilde as Critic and Theorist

11. Commentaries on Individual Plays I : The Cardinal of Avignon — The Duchess of Padua — A Florentine Tragedy

12. Commentaries on Individual Plays II : An Ideal Husband

13. Commentaries on Individual Plays III : The Importance of Being Earnest

14. Commentaries on Individual Plays IV : Lady Windermere’s Fan

15. Commentaries on Individual Plays V : “Love Is Law”  (Scenario) — Mr and Mrs Daventry  (by Frank Harris, based on Wilde’s scenario) — La Sainte Courtisane; or, The Woman Covered with Jewels

16. Commentaries on Individual Plays VI : Salomé / Salome

17. Commentaries on Individual Plays VII : Vera; or The Nihilists — A Wife’s Tragedy

18. Commentaries on Individual Plays VIII : A Woman of No Importance

19. Descriptive Chronology of Plays, Theatrical Career,  and Dramatic Theories

20. Postscript : Other Downloadable Bibliographies by Charles A. Carpenter

21. About the Author

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