Selected Biographical Works

Anderson, Anne. ‘Let us live up to it! Or, Wilde about teapots.’ Wildean 30 2007 13-35 (stresses Gilbert’s portrait of Wilde in Patience)

Belford, Barbara. Oscar Wilde: a certain genius. NY: Random House, 2000. 381 pp

Bendz, Ernst. Oscar Wilde: a retrospect. Vienna: Hölder, 1921, 74-91: ‘George Bernard Shaw: Oscar Wilde: in memoriam’

Borland, Maureen. Wilde’s devoted friend: a life of Robert Ross, 1869-1918. Oxford: Leonard, 1990, 38-48, 50-77, 93-101, 179-84, and see index

Brasol, Boris. Oscar Wilde: the man, the artist, the martyr. NY: Scribner’s, 1938. 402 pp, especially 216-25: ‘The knight of Salomé’ and 239-50: ‘The triumph’ (the comedies)

Bristow, Joseph. ‘Biographies—the man, the life, the legend.’ Pp 6-35 in Roden

Buckton, Oliver S. ‘Oscar goes to Hollywood: Wilde, sexuality, and the gaze of contemporary cinema.’ Pp 305-37 in Bristow 1

Canning, Richard. Oscar Wilde. London: Hesperus Pr., 2008. 119 pp (‘Brief lives’ series)

Coakley, Davis. Oscar Wilde: the importance of being Irish. Dublin: Town House, 1994. 246 pp

Coppa, Francesca. ‘The artist as protagonist: Wilde on stage.’ Pp 259-84 in Bristow 1

Croft-Cooke, Rupert. The unrecorded life of Oscar Wilde. NY: McKay, 1972, 140-62: ‘Plays and playthings’

Denisoff, Dennis. ‘Oscar Wilde’s convictions, speciesism, and the pain of indidualism.’ Pp 476-90 in Julia M. Wright, ed. A companion to Irish literature, volume I. Chichester: Wiley-Blackwell, 2010

Douglas, Lord Alfred. Oscar Wilde: a summing-up. London: Duckworth, 1940. 143 pp

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Fryer, Jonathan. Wilde. London: Haus, 2004. 225 pp

Gardiner, Juliet. Oscar Wilde: a life in letters, writings and wit. London: Collins & Brown, 1995. 160 pp

Gulisano, Paolo. Il ritratto di Oscar Wilde. Milan: Àncora, 2009. 192 pp

Harris, Frank. Oscar Wilde: his life and confessions. NY: Covici, Friede, 1930. 470 pp (unreliable but seminal biography that contains Shaw’s ‘My memories of Oscar Wilde’)

Kennedy, Margaret S. ‘Wilde’s cosmopolitanism: the importance of being worldly.’ Pp 90-113 in Magid

Knox, Melissa. Oscar Wilde: a  long and lovely suicide. New Haven, CT: Yale UP, 1994. 185 pp

Langlade, Jacques de. Oscar Wilde, ou  la  vérité des masques. Paris: Mazarine, 1987. 347 pp

Livingston, Lindsay A. ‘“To be said to have done it is everything”: the theatrical Oscar Wilde and possibilities for the (re)construction of biography.’ a/b: Auto/Biography Studies 24 2009 15-33 (treats plays based on his life, esp. Stoppard’s The Invention of Love)

McKenna, Neil. The secret life of Oscar Wilde. London: Century, 2003. 400 pp

Pearson, Hesketh. The life of Oscar Wilde. Rev. ed. London: Methuen, 1954. 399 pp (American edition: Oscar Wilde: his life and wit. NY: Grosset & Dunlap, 1946)

Ross, Margery, ed. Robert Ross, friend of friends: letters to Robert Ross, art critic and writer, together with extracts from his published aticles. London: Cape, 1952, see index for many references

Schiavi, Michael R. ‘Wildean war: politics of fins-de-siècle spectatorship.’ Modern Drama 47 2004 399-422 (films about Wilde)

Schmidgall, Gary. The stranger Wilde: interpreting Oscar. NY: Dutton, 1994. 494 pp

Walshe, Éibhear. ‘A Wilde Irish rebel: queerness versus nationalism in Irish imaginative presentations of Wilde.’ Canadian Journal of Irish Studies 36 i  2010 45-67

Wright, Thomas. Oscar’s books. London: Chatto & Windus, 2008. 370 pp; repr. as Built of books: how reading defined the life of Oscar Wilde. NY: Holt, 2009. 370 pp

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