This page was last updated 25.vii.2020

THE OSCHOLARS Library was created to republish articles and essays from out-of-print collections and from journals to which perhaps only those with access to a university or national library can find. This is part of our task of ‘rescuing’ articles and essays that to-day are not generally accessible.  Even if in certain cases these have been superseded by or incorporated into later studies, they have a value in charting the development of what is now called the ‘Wilde industry’.  While doubting the value of the term, we can at least pay tribute to our predecessors’ industriousness.

The articles were originally published on THE OSCHOLARS’ former website and are reproduced with the author’s kind permission, where possible. They remain in the author’s copyright or that of the author’s estate when copyright is still running.  Any infringement of copyright by THE OSCHOLARS is unwitting and if our attention is drawn to it, will be corrected.

Date and place of original publication are given in each case, with some biographical information about the author. In some instances, the author has very kindly made alterations, corrections or additions. 

This page was redesigned in October 2010, when the number of articles in place reached one hundred.  New articles were added regularly until 2012; and were resumed in July 2014.  When the webmaster of our former site at decided to bar access to the site, work began on republishing articles from there on this present site, which task is still in progress  (there was a break from December 2018 to February 2020).

Authors now represented here (July 2020): Margot Asquith, Jeremy Barris, Megan Becker-Leckrone, Patricia Flanagan Behrendt, Arnold Bennett, Annie Bisang, Leon Botstein, Gyles Brandreth, Edward S. Brinkley, Edmund Burke, Nellie Burton,  Kenni Calvert, Seweryn Chomet, Peter Cogman, Petra Dierkes-Thrun, Alfred Douglas, Brian Earls, Andrew Eastham, Nancy Erber, Rita Felski, Robert Fraser, Michael Patrick Gillespie, Elana Gomel, Jillian Hess, Yoko Hirata, C. Robert Holloway, Marjorie Howes, Christine Kinealy, Rainer Kohlmayer, Nevin Yıldırım Koyuncu, Joseph Loewenstein, Julian Maclaren-Ross, Carey Mazer, Jodie Medd, Jeremiah Mercurio, Terry Meyers, Michael R. Molino, Anja Müller, Isobel Murray, Charles Musser, Christopher S. Nassaar, Julia Neilson, Charles Nickerson, Kevin O’Brien, Adrian Pablé, John Cowper Powys, Stephania Ribeiro do Amaral, Ashley Robins, Julie-Ann Robson, Jonathan Rose, Robert Ross, Erica Scettro, Rita Severi, Sven-Johan Spånberg, James Swafford, Florina Tufescu, Joseph Rushton Wakeling, A.B. Walkley, Eibhear Walshe, Naomi Wood, Barbara Wright, Thomas Wright.

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As most readers of THE OSCHOLARS will know, Academia is a website on which any subscriber can post an essay, thesis abstract, article or book chapter (whether or not published elsewhere) on any topic, not subject to any editorial control and therefore of uneven quality or authority.

It is the task of THE OSCHOLARS to bring to our website as much material as we  can find relating to Oscar Wilde and his family, so since March 2020 we have been indexing the Academia publications on  Wilde, without comment.

Latest additions July 2020.

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