In our incarnation at, this was the title of a regular feature on Wilde and Music, compiled by Martine Englebert of the University of Ghent.  These articles were lost when the webmaster closed the site, but Dr Englebert subsequently revived her contributions in the French Wilde journal Rue des Beaux Arts, q.v., where they continue.  We hope to recover at least some of the original series and make them available here, together with new items.

Dr Englebert’s doctorate was awarded for her work on Wilde and music, and this was published as Music for Wilde.  De relatie tussen literaire tekst en libretto: de thematologische typologie van de vrouwelijke hoofdpersonages in The Birthday of the Infanta van Oscar Wilde, 375 pp., Universiteit Ghent 2017.

D.C.R. 22x.2018.

‘Wilde Songs’ is a cycle on compact disc of 16 songs on texts by Oscar Wilde, by the American composer Michael Linton, sung by Edwin Crossley-Mercer accompanied by the pianist Jason Paul Peterson.  For a discussion, click here.

Wilde Songs

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