May I Say Nothing ?

Saying nothing was not Oscar Wilde’s custom, but we borrowed his last words from the dock.  Originally intended for short essays culled from our own research,  this section of THE OSCHOLARS began publishing essays, abstracts and articles submitted by readers in March 2002 under the title ‘And I? May I Say Nothing?’, renamed in 2008 more simply as ‘May I Say Nothing?’, with our thanks to the authors for their permission.

Readers who wish to publish articles should also consider The Wildean.  As a print journal, The Wildean is more substantial than THE OSCHOLARS, although we each believe the other is complementary to our own endeavour.

‘May I Say Nothing?’ is also intended for other pieces too long for Fingal’s Cave, but perhaps not quite substantial enough for articles in the print journals.  It may serve also as a notice board of early drafts, with comments invited; or for work that has been cut from articles elsewhere by unfeeling and purblind editors.

Earlier articles may be found on our old site (click here), but many links no longer work, and articles are being transferred to this site as time permits. A beginning was made in October 2016, and this expansion made it necessary to redesign this section.

Last updated 02.ii.2017.  Number of articles published: 116. These are best viewed in webpage mode.  For the Table of Contents, please click here.

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