Ravenna 2.1





D.C. Rose

As THE OSCHOLARS group expands its investigations into the series of movements and cultural transfers that fill the portmanteau that we call the fin-de-siècle, we increasingly offer Italy as a counterpoise to Paris.  Paying more and more attention to our key figures Oscar Wilde, Vernon Lee and John Ruskin, we struck the Italian connection over and over again.  The establishment of RAVENNA allows us to bring all these overlapping themes into conjunction.

This, the second issue of RAVENNA, addresses this conjunction where others of our fin-de-siécliste interests coincide, notably music and opera (see our regular feature edited by Tine Englebert, MAD SCARLET MUSIC), the fine arts, and the New Woman, for the study of which we have created two whole journals, VISIONS and THE LATCHKEY.

This substantial engagement with the period will in future be reinforced by an international association for fin-de-siècle studies (information from me at finsiec@gmail.com).

We hope that this will be of particular interest to anglisticists at Italian universities and members of Departments of Italian elsewhere.  The editors of RAVENNA, Dr.a Elisa Bizzotto and Dr Luca Caddia, will continue to enlist articles and reviews to promote our understanding of the Italian and Anglophone cultural exchange of the period.

  • D.C. Rose is the founder and general editor of THE OSCHOLARS group.


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