Project WILLOW

Project WILLOW is a peer-reviewed, open-access initiative which aims to provide on-line, comprehensive coverage of the life, work, and afterlife of Oscar Wilde.

This project, first formulated in 2010, is being relaunched in June 2020 on a new model. For further information, please contact Dr Florina Tufescu, Project Communicator. Please also visit and 

Project status: new critical editions of several Wildean works (The Happy Prince and Other Tales, Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime, The Truth of Masks, Whistler’s Ten O’Clock) have been completed.

Project Advisors : Prof. Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin (TCD) and Prof. Philip Smith (Pittsburgh U)

Project Managers: Dr Jarlath Kileeen (TCD) and Dr Florina Tufescu (independent scholar, Sweden)

Commissioning Editors: David Charles Rose, The Oscholars general editor and Dr Aoife Leahy (independent scholar, Dublin)

1.2. Project goals/statement

The main goals are

1) to produce the first open-access, dynamic resource that presents, annotates and contextualizes Wilde’s complete writings, supplemented by teaching resources and new scholarly materials. It will have as wide a scope as possible, making it useful to scholars, teachers, students and readers interested in Wilde, his world and his impact on European and world culture;

2) to support Wildean and fin-de-siècle research by providing coherent and ultimately exhaustive coverage of relevant scholarship (through constantly updated bibliographies and reviews). This will include a finding aid for relevant primary materials currently available in a number of different collections (US, UK, Ireland, France etc.). The object would be to make as much of the primary material freely available as possible;

3) to exploit the dialogical potential of Wilde’s writings and of the electronic medium itself by concentrating on the topics that cannot be adequately addressed in any print collection, namely the multiple sources and contexts of Wildean creativity and Wilde’s influence in a number of fields, from art to politics, and on different cultures (and subcultures). This third goal will be pursued through extensive multimedia annotation of Wilde’s texts and also, ultimately, through the creation of moderated, multilingual discussion forums and virtual symposia/networks.

The WILLOW project, with its hypertextual archive would, we believe, given Wilde’s global popularity, become not only an essential research and teaching tool but a means of bringing together the still far too distinct groups of Wilde fans, Wilde-inspired artists and Wilde scholars in new creative and academic configurations.

Licensing and copyright issues

Any material published in WILLOW will be submitted under the licence chosen by its copyright owner. Copyright-free material will most likely be published under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial licence (consensus has to be reached on this within the group).

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