Victoriographies Vol. 6, No. 2, July, 2016 is now available online

[posted 03.vii.2016]


Benjamin Poore: ‘Sherlock Holmes and the Leap of Faith: The Forces of Fandom and Convergence in Adaptations of the Holmes and Watson Stories’

Adaptation 2013 6: pp.158-171
[posted 21.vii.2013]

Neo-Victorian Studies is very pleased to announce the publication of NVS 5:1 (2012), a special volume on The Child in Neo-Victorian Arts and Discourse: Renegotiating 19th Century Concepts of Childhood, guest edited by Anne Morey and Claudia Nelson.

The Child in Neo-Victorian Arts and Discourse

The Secret Sharer: The Child in Neo-Victorian Fiction
by Anne Morey and Claudia Nelson

Cannibalised Girlhood in Richard Flanagan’s Wanting
by Tammy Ho Lai-Ming

Double Lives: Neo-Victorian Girlhood in the Fiction of Libba Bray and Nancy Springer
by Sonya Sawyer Fritz

The Mad Child in the Attic: John Harding’s Florence & Giles as a Neo-Victorian Reworking of The Turn of the Screw
by Sandra Dinter

“Why can’t you love me the way I am?”: Fairy Tales, Girlhood, and Agency in Neo-Victorian Visions of Jane Eyre
by Katie Kapurch

by Anne Ryan Hanafin

Victorian Genres at Play: Juvenile Fiction and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
by Lara Rutherford

Kidnapped Romance: From Walter Scott to C. S. Lewis
by Elsie B. Michie

“But I’m grown up now”: Alice in the Twenty-First Century
by Catherine Siemann

“Like Topsy, We Grow”: The Legacy of the Sentimental Domestic Novel in Adoption Memoirs from Fifties America
by Elisabeth Wesseling


Family Tradition and Revision: Review of Marie-Luise Kohlke and Christian Gutleben (eds.), Neo-Victorian Families: Gender, Sexual and Cultural Politics
by Sharon Aronofsky Weltman

Visions of New London: Review of Tiffany Trent, The Unnaturalists
by Amy L. Montz

“Can we just have a little break from being terrified?” or the Dangerous Invention of Secret-Keeping: Review of Eden Unger Bowditch’s The Atomic Weight of Secrets
by Marie-Luise Kohlke

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