No student of, or enthusiast for, Oscar Wilde and his worlds should neglect the following:

THE OSCHOLARS 2003-20012, predecessor to our current website

  • Enquire within for nearly everything you want to know about Wilde, including a survey of other websites.  Please note that this site is now exclusively under the control of its webmaster, who has taken down many pages and cut many links.

RUE DES BEAUX ARTS numbers 1-41

  • Published six times a year for the Société Oscar Wilde en France, with news, articles and reviews.  Editor: Danielle Guérin.

RUE DES BEAUX ARTS numbers 42 et seqq

  • Published four times a year for the Société Oscar Wilde en France, with news, articles and reviews.  Editor: Danielle Guérin.


  • This is a section of THE OSCHOLARS devoted to snippets about Wilde.


  • The British Society for celebrating Wilde, founded over twenty years ago and publisher of The Wildean, q.v.


  • John Cooper’s growing site devoted to Wilde in the United States and Canada.


  • The class project website for Oscar Wilde and the French Decadents, a traditional humanities seminar in Comparative Literature and French taught by Petra Dierkes-Thrun at Stanford University (Fall 2012).


  • BBC wireless discussion, 6th December 2001.  Melvin Bragg leads Neil Sammels, Regenia Gagnier and Valentine Cunningham.  October 2017: this is apparently no longer available.


  • A Dutch site devoted to fin de siècle studies.

RYTHMUS – Yearbook for fin de siècle studies

  • Rythmus is a yearbook for research on the fin de siècle in Belgium and in the Netherlands from an international perspective. It’s scope is interdisciplinary and comparative: it publishes research on artistic, cultural, ethnological, historical and sociological aspects of the years between 1880 and 1918 that is both scientific and accessible to a broad audience. The first issue, edited by Anne van Buul, appeared in 2012 under the title Lopende vuurtjes [Wildfires] and concentrated on the impact of English art revolutions on Dutch and Belgian cultural production and thinking about architecture, art and literature around the turn of the century. The second issue, Koninginnen aan de Noordzee [Queens of the North Sea](2013), edited by Ben de Pater and Tom Sintobin, dealt with coastal tourism in the Low Countries, and more specifically with the Golden age of the towns Schevingen and Ostend. The third yearbook, Onnoemelijke dingen [Unnamable things] (2014) focused on different taboos and prohibitions around 1900 such as homosexuality, incest, mixed races, food, fashion, disease, crime and punishment. The book also contains a ‘Small encyclopedia of taboos’.

 Editorial Board

Anne van Buul (secretary –
Ben de Pater (Universiteit Utrecht)
Tom Sintobin (Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen)
Hans Vandevoorde (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)




  • The CL19 mounts an elaborate website devoted to all manifestatons of activity.  Click the logogram.

CL 19


  • A French site devoted to the iconography of Salomé.


  • Cercle Esthetique et Philosophique WildienThis is a blog to promote the interests and activities of the dramatist and Wilde enthusiast Lou Ferreira; it had seven entries in 2015, twelve in 2016.
  • Oscar Wilde NotebookA fan club, created in January 2015, the initiative of Yasmin Wooldridge, who writes ‘in our first newsletter/blog we shall discuss the merits of a new film of Oscar Wilde in the genre of CGI.  There will be many other topics to mention, for example, a secret admiration club by old style film stars.  I hope to gather writings and stories and input from future members’.  No developments to date 1st October 2017.
  • WILDE TIMES.NET.  A blog well maintained and sporadically added to.  Worth a visit.

Also recommended

The site of Mandy Gagel, who has digitised and put on line the correspondence from Vernon Lee to H. G. Wells between 1904 and 1914.

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