In an early edition of the original series of THE OSCHOLARS (no.16,  September 2002), we published under the rubric MAD, SCARLET MUSIC (a monthly page dedicated to Oscar Wilde and Music, compiled by Tine Englebert of the University of Ghent) a Special Issue on The Birthday of the Infanta.  As part of our reconstruction of THE OSCHOLARS beginning in 2013, we reproduce it here.

In the Autumn of 2007, to mark the twentieth anniversary of the publication of Richard Ellmann’s Oscar Wilde, we published our first independent special issue, edited by Dr Michèle Mendelssohn, where Ellmann’s work was re-assessed by a number of Wilde scholars.  This was followed in the Autumn of 2008 by a special issue on Teleny, edited by Professor John McRae, the first time that this work had been treated to extensive assessment and interpretation.  After this came special issues on Wilde’s Tales, edited by Dr Naomi Wood; Wilde and Socialism, edited by Dr Anna Vaninskaya; and Wilde, Jews and the fin-de-siècle (edited by Dr S.I. Salamensky). These were found at http://www.oscholars.com/TO/Specials/specialintro.html until February 2017 when access was removed by the webmaster.

The series was resumed when our current site was created with a Special Issue on Salomé, edited by Dr Virginie Pouzet-Duzer go (silver)

followed by

November 2014: Special Issue on The Importance of being Earnest, edited by David Charles Rose go (silver)

February 2015:  Special Issue on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, edited by Dr Sarah E. Maier  go (silver)

In June 2017, thanks to Professor McRae, we were able to republish the Teleny supplement go (silver)

May 2018:  in progress.  Republication of Wilde and Socialism, edited by Dr Anna Vaninskaya


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