Tine Englebert: Salomé – The Music

Salomé. Drame en un Acte/A Tragedy in One Act — Musical Adaptations and Incidental Music

Marschalk, Max (1863-1940) & Bermann, Friedrich (1880-1919)

Salome, incidental music, 1902; Berlin, Kleines Theater, 15 November 1902 (private performance directed by Friedrich Kayssler and Hans Oberlander under the supervision of Max Reinhardt)

Marschalk, Max (1863-1940)

Salome, incidental music, 1903; premiere Berlin, Neues Theater, 29 September 1903 (directed by  Max Reinhardt); with new music

Strauss, Richard (1864-1949)

Salome, Musikdrama (libretto R. Strauss based on Hedwig Lachmann’s German translation), op. 54, 1903-1905; premiere Dresden, Hofoper, 9 December 1905

– Salomé, drame musical (original libretto in French by R. Strauss), 1905; private performance Paris, Petit Théâtre, March 1907; premiere Brussels, Théâtre de la Monnaie, 25 March 1907

Alpaerts, Flor (1876-1954)

Salomé, incidental music; premiere Antwerp, Nederlandschen Schouwburg, 1907

Glazunov, Aleksandr (1865-1936)

Introduction and Dance of Salome for ‘Salomé’, incidental music, op. 90; Saint Petersburg, Mikhailovsky Theatre, 1908 (directed by Vsevolod Meyerhold)

Mariotte, Antoine (1875-1944)

Salomé, tragédie lyrique (libretto A. Mariotte), 1902-1908 ; premiere Lyon, Grand Théâtre, 30 October 1908

Krein, Alexander (1883-1951)

Salome. Poème de la passion, symphonic poem, op. 19, 1914

Gyutel, Jules (Czech musician)

Salome, incidental music; premiere Moscow, Kamerny Theater, 9 October 1917 (directed by Alexander Tairov)

Bantock, Sir Granville (1868-1946)

Salome, incidental music, 1918; premiere London, Royal Court Theatre, 19 April 1918 (directed by J.T. Grein)

Tcherepnin, Alexander (1899-1977)

Salomé, incidental music; premiere Tiflis (Tbilisi), Kamerny Theater, 1920

Riadis, Emilios (1880-1935)

Salome, incidental music, 1922; only 96 bars of piano score extant

Lambert, Constant (1905-1951)

Salome, incidental music, clarinet, trumpet, violoncello, percussion; premiere Cambridge, Festival Theatre, 9 June 1929

Becker, John (1886-1961)

Salome, cinema opera (libretto J. Becker), c. 1931; unfinished

Rogers, Bernard (1893-1968)

The Dance of Salome, orchestra, 1940

Ifukube, Akira (1914-2006)

Salome, ballet, 1948; premiere Tokyo, Imperial Theatre, 1949; arranged into a concert suite, 1987

Bernstein, Leonard (1918-1990)

Salome, incidental music, 1955; unpublished

Mayuzumi, Toshiro (1929-1997)

Salome, incidental music; Tokyo, Bungakuza Theater Company, 5 April 1960 (directed by Yukio Mishima)

Fernández-Guerra, Jorge (1952-)

Salomé, incidental music; Madrid, Pequeño Teatro Magallanes, 22 January 1976

Petrovics, Emil (1930-2011)

Salome, ballet, flute, trumpet, harp, percussion, 1978

Doyle, Roger (1949-)

Salome Music, incidental music, piano; premiere Dublin, Gate Theatre, 19 April 1988 (directed by Steven Berkoff)

Bowles, Paul (Jamaica, NY, 1910-Tanger, 1999)

Salomé, incidental music, synthesizer; premiere Tangier, Palais du Marshan, 14 June 1993 (produced and directed by Joseph A. McPhillips III  for The American School of Tangier, Morocco)

Schneider, Enjott (Weil am Rhein, 1950)

Das Salome-Prinzip, chamber opera (libretto E. Schneider after French text), 1982-1983; premiere Gelsenkirchen, Musiktheater im Revier, 3 March 2002

6 November 2012


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