Articles on Salomé in THE OSCHOLARS Library

The following articles, initially published in other journals, have been reproduced in THE OSCHOLARS Library  go (silver) or in Rue des Beaux Arts go (gold).

Pascale Amiot

Salomé sur le Pont des Arts (1ere partie).

go (gold)

Pascale Amiot

Salomé sur le Pont des Arts (2e partie).

 go (gold)

Megan Becker-Leckrone

Salome: The Fetishization of a Textual Corpus

 go (silver)

Annie Bisang

Staging Salomé

 go (silver)

Peter Cogman

Wilde’s Salomé: Tenses, Tension and Progression in Salomé’s Final Monologue

 go (silver)

Katherina Filips-Juswigg

Mikhail Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita and Oscar Wilde’s Salomé: Motif-Patterns and Allusions

 go (silver)

Atsuko Ogane

Du mythe solaire au mythe lunaire: d’Hérodias de Flaubert à Salomé d’Oscar Wilde.

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John Paul Riquelme

Shalom / Solomon / Salome: Modernism & Wilde’s Æsthetic Politics.
(Please note: this is a large .pdf file)

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Helen Tookey

‘The Fiend That Smites with a Look’: the Monstrous/Menstruous Woman and the Danger of the Gaze in Oscar Wilde’s Salomé.

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Linda Pui-ling Wong

The Initial Reception of Oscar Wilde in Modern China: With Special Reference to Salomé.

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Linda Zatlin

Wilde, Beardsley, and the Making of Salomé

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