The Importance of being Earnest




The Importance è stata definita ‘la più bella commedia di tutti i tempi’.
—Masolino D’Amico

Autumn 2014  – Spring 2015

THE OSCHOLARS is publishing a series of rough guides to editions, productions, and secondary sources as a contribution to the study of the play. They are, perforce, far from complete and we welcome additions and corrections. These pages have been compiled by David Charles Rose. The images have been researched by Danielle Guérin-Rose.

The first pages went on line on 27th October; new pages have been added or old ones revised on 31st October; 1st November; 7th November; 12th November; and, in 2015, 25th January.


Click the silver go buttons for pages in Word format (recommended; best viewed in web mode), and the gold buttons for .pdf.

Readers can edit the Word version for their own use.

I.    Foreword

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II.  Editions

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III.  Articles, essays, book chapters

Latest publications:

Pascal Aquien & Xavier GiudicelliThe Importance of being Earnest by Oscar Wilde

Elodie Degroisse: The Paradox of Identity. Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest

Marianne Drugeon & Emmanuel Vernadakis: The Importance of being Earnest

— Emily Eells (ed.): Wilde in Earnest

—Oscar Wilde: The Importance of being Earnest

Nicholas Frankel (ed.):  The Annotated   Importance of being Earnest

IV.  Productions

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V.    Musical versions

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VI.  Films, DVDs

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VIII. LPs, cassettes, CDs

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IX.  Broadcasts

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X.  Additional Notes to the Norton Edition, and a note on the Oxford English Texts edition

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XI.    Study Guides

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XII.  Translators :  A list of those who have translated The Importance into Dutch, Esperanto, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish

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XIII.  Montage-1

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XIV. Montage-2

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XV.  Charles Dantzig: Le secret professionnel de L’Importance d’être Constant

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XVI.  Graham Price: How am I to Speak of the a of Earnest?: Wilde’s ‘Differance’
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