This section, begun in April 2015, brings together a collection of Wilde images with commentaries.  These are listed in alphabetical order of artist. ALL PAGES ARE BEST SEEN IN WEB LAYOUT MODE.

Artist unknown (added October 2018): Oscar Wilde go (silver)

Fred Aris (added January 2017):  Oscar and Bosie go (silver)

Jean-Georges Cornélius (added April 2020): Oscar Wilde   go (silver)

Thierry Esther (added May 2017): Oscar Wilde Ombre  go (silver)

Juliette Frelon (added August 2017): The Selfish Giantgo (silver)

Lucy Jonesgo (silver) (added May 2015): Dorian’s Watch Chain

Peadar Lamb (added April 2017): The Happy Princego (silver)

Louis le Brocquy (added June  2020) go (silver)

Mark McFadden (added September 2017): Oscar Wildego (silver)

Eleanor Macnair (added November 2017):  Oscar Wilde go (silver)

Danny Osborne (added April 2015): Oscar Wildego (silver)

—- for an article on Danny Osborne’s statue of Wilde by Professor Paula Murphy of University College, Dublin, please click here.

Dan Pearce : Oscar: The Second Coming

— Introduction arrow

— Part I (added August 2015)arrow

— Part IarrowI (added August 2015)

— Part III arrow(added August 2015)

 — Part IV (added September 2015)arrow

 — Part V (added October arrow2015)

 — Part VI (added November arrow2015)

 — Part VII (added December arrow2015)

 — Part VIII (added January arrow2016)

 — Part IX (added February arrow2016)

— Part X (added March arrow2016)

— Part XI (added April 2016) arrow

— Part XII (added May 2016) arrow

— Part XIII (added June 2016)arrow

arrow— Part XIV (added July 2016)

— Part XV (added August 2016) arrow

—Part XVI (added September 2016) arrow

—Part XVII (added October 2016) arrow

—Part XVIII (added November 2016)arrow

—Part XIX (added December 2016)arrow

—Part XX (added January 2017)arrow

arrow—Part XXI (added February 2017)

—Part XXII (added March 2017) arrow

—Part XXIII (added April 2017) arrow

—Part XXIV (added May 2017)  arrow

—Part XXV (added June 2017)  arrow

—Part XXVI (added July 2017) arrow

—Part XXVII (added August 2017) arrow

—Part XXVIII (added September 2017) arrow

—Part XXIX (added October 2017) arrow

—Part XXX (added November 2017)arrow

—Part XXXI (added and concluded December 2017) arrow

Jennifer Pohl (added March 2017): Reading Dorian Gray go (silver)

Yinka Shonibare (added May 2020):  The Artist as Dorian Graygo (silver)

go (silver)Danuta Solowiej-Wedderburn (added July 2020):   Oscar Wilde

go (silver)

Bernard Zakheim  (added November 2018): Oscar Wilde


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