The Poetic Legacy

Oscar Wilde has inspired a number of poets, and on our former website we published some of them over a number of issues.  The creation of this site enables us to bring these together and add new ones.  We are extremely grateful for the very willing consent of the makers to allow us to do this.

NOTE.  The pages are best viewed in web mode.

‘The Poetic Legacy’ was created 23.xii.2014 with poems by

Brendan Behan go (silver)

Paul Muldoon go (silver)

Robert W. Service go (silver)

Bruce Smith go (silver)

Added 18.i.2015:

Gabriel Rosenstock go (silver)

Added 27.i.2015:

Augustus Moore  go (silver)

Added 13.ii.2015  

Richard Le Gallienne go (silver)

Added 15.iii.2015

Claude Beausoleil  go (silver)

Added 02.iv.2015

Hans-Christian Oeser  go (silver)

Added 02.v.2015

Anna de Brémont go (silver)


Florence  Earle Coatesgo (silver)

Added 8.vii.2015 

Lord Alfred Douglas go (silver)

Added 2.viii.2015

Anne Carsongo (silver)

Added 16.ii.2016

William Cohen go (silver)

Added 01.vii.2016

Gabriel Rosenstock go (silver)

Added 29.x.2016

John Betjeman go (silver)

Added 14.vii.2016

Raymond Calvert go (silver)

Added 07.xi.2018

Derek Mahon go (silver)

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