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We are pleased to announce the publication of

Marianne Drugeon et Emmanuel Vernadakis: The Importance of Being Earnest. Atlande, Collection “Clés Concours”, 19 euro, ISBN : 978-2-35030-277-5.

Table des matières:



Oscar Wilde ou les engagements d’une “pose”, essai biographique

Présentation de l’œuvre

    Analyses thématiques

Earnest et les genres

Le motif de la quête

Jouer à se mettre en scène, les masques d’Oscar

Synthèse et perspectives

 L’humour de Wilde, quelques lignes d’influence

Du nonsense à l’absurde

L’engagement politique d’Oscar Wilde

    Rire avec Earnest





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We are pleased to announce the publication of

Alexandra Poulain: “False impression(s)”: Writing in The Importance of Being EarnestEtudes anglaises, 64 : 3 July-September 2014.

Cristina Pascual Aransáez: The Role of the Reader in Oscar Wilde’s Works: A Study Commemorating the 160th Anniversary of Oscar Wilde’s Birth, ISBN 9783656657552, Munich: Grin Verlag GmbH, 2014 (2002), pp. 372.  For the Introduction, please click here.


 Cristina Pascual Aransáez: The Importance of Being a Reader: A Revision of Oscar Wilde’s Works, ISBN 9783954893133Hamburg: Anchor Academic Publishing, 2014, pp. 380.



[Posted 10.xi.2014]

We are pleased to announce the publication of

Pascal Aquien, Xavier Giudicelli (edd.): The Importance of Being Earnest d’Oscar Wilde. Paris: Presses de l’université Paris-Sorbonne 2014

  • Ignacio Ramos Gay: Oscar Wilde et le vaudeville français
  • Daniel Jean: L’importance d’être absolument moderne: théâtre et modernisme chez Oscar Wilde
  • Nathalie Saudo-Welby: Poses, postures et positions féministes dans The Importance of being Earnest
  • Pascal Aquien: Du gay savoir au genre idéal?
  • Alexis Tadié: ‘An Age of Surfaces’: le langage de la comédie dans The Importance of being Earnest.
  • Françoise Canon-Roger: Mœurs et caractères, figures et paradoxes. Approche sémantique de The Importance of being Earnest.
  • Thierry Dubost: The Importance of being Earnest: liminalités conjugal.
  • Denis Lagae-Devoldère & Angelo Rinaldi: The Importance of being Earnest, ou le triomphe de l’indiscrétion.
  • Xavier Giudicelli: Variations sur The Importance of being Earnest: Généalogie du camp (Firbank, Coward, Ravenhill).
  • Emmanuelle Guedj: Histoires des Sacs: The Importance of being Earnest de Wilde, The Caretaker de Pinter et Baglady de McGuinness.
  • Raymond Prost: The Importance of being Earnest d’Anthony Asquith, ou le mise en image d’un texte.
  • Xavier Leret, Xavier Giudicelli: “Avec Tinder et Grindr, ils seraient bunburyistes à plein temps!”.  The Kaos Importance of being Earnest (1999).


 [Posted 10.xi.2014]

In September 2013 all Wilde’s short poems were published in a Dutch translation by Cornelis.W. Schoneveld, in a biligual edition, in chronological order, as :
“Vallend bloemblad”, Oscar Wilde, De verzamelde korte gedichten, vertaling: Cornelis W. Schoneveld,  Uitgeverij Liverse, Dordrecht, The Netherlands, ISBN 978 90 76982 977.  For a description, please click here.

Élodie Degroisse: The Paradox of Identity. Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest. Presses Universitaires de France. October 2014.

  • For a review by Michael Patrick Gillespie, please click here.


[Posted 30.x.2014]

Emily Eells (ed.): Wilde in Earnest.  Collection ‘Intercalaires: agrégation d’anglais’, Presses universitaires de Paris Ouest, (novembre/décembre ?)  2014.

  • A collection of essays on The Importance.  For the Table of Contents, please click here.


[Posted 02.x.2014]

Daniel Salvatore Schiffer: Oscar Wilde, Splendeur et Misère d’un Dandy.  Paris: Editions de la Martinière 2014.

  • This magnificently illustrated volume is the first time an academic philosopher has produced a work on Wilde midway between the coffee table and the lectern.  Highly recommended.

Danielle Guérin-Rose: Oscar Wilde, Qui suis-je?  Grez-sur Loing: Editions Pardès 2014.

  • This may be the best introduction to Wilde in French so far, written with scholarly rigour but in a way that is eminently readable.  For a review by Molly Robinson Kelly, please click here.

We also draw your attention to the article ‘Inside the Clark Library’s Immense Oscar Wilde Collection’ by Liz Ohanesian at



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We are pleased and amused to announce that Mondial Books of New York are issuing a translation of Teleny in Esperanto.  Please click here for more details.


[Posted 07.viii.2014]

We are pleased to announce that Edinburgh University Press is re-issuing Michèle Mendelssohn’s Oscar Wilde,  Henry James and Æsthetic Culture.   Please click here for more details.

‘In this incisive and wonderfully readable study, Michèle Mendelssohn shows how James and Wilde learned from each other’s work, pondered each other’s careers, and admired and disdained each other’s gifts. Marked by brilliantly detailed renderings of period literary relations and deft close  readings, Henry James, Oscar Wilde, and Aesthetic Culture intervenes powerfully in debates about taste, commodification, sexuality,  professionalization, identity, and originality in Victorian and modernist literature and culture.’

– Douglas Mao, Johns Hopkins University

‘In this engrossing book, Michèle Mendelssohn challenges the longstanding assumption that Henry James and Oscar Wilde shunned each other’s influence, James because of homosexual panic, Wilde because of dandified indifference. On the contrary, Mendelssohn demonstrates how their conflictual relationship, comprised of esteem and contempt, admiration and frustration, attraction and jealousy in equal measure, contributed to shaping the transatlantic culture of aestheticism. Written with verve, and substantiated with meticulous research, Mendelssohn’s study offers a fresh perspective on aestheticism while illuminating the obscurities of a fascinating literary friendship.’

–  Maud Ellmann, University of Chicago


[Posted 11.iii.2014]

An interesting article has been published on line by Sander Bink on connections between the circles of Wilde and of the Dutch symbolist artist Carel de Nerée in Paris in 1900.  It can be found at http://rond1900.nl/?page_id=19807  in Dutch and http://rond1900.nl/?p=19678 in English.


[Posted 17.i.2014]

Oscar Wilde The Spirit and the Letter: A chirographic and semiotic study by Z. W. Wolkowski

Presented in Vietnam, Iran and Lithuania, this graphic study of quotes from Oscar Wilde is published for the first time. In preparation is a graphic opus with one quote in all twenty-four official languages of the European Union.

Paperback: 36 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (January 17, 2014)

ISBN-10: 1495206572; ISBN-13: 978-1495206573


[Posted 05.i.2014]

Mitzi Szereto : The Wilde Passions of Dorian Gray, A Novel.  Berkeley, Cal: Cleis Press

What If Dorian Gray Faked His Death and Led a Secret Life?

<<Inspired by Oscar Wilde’s classic novel The Picture of Dorian Gray, Mitzi Szereto continues where Wilde left off in her Faustian tale of a man with eternal youth and great physical beauty who lives a life of corruption, decadence and hedonism. The story begins in the bordellos of Jazz-Age Paris, moving to the opium dens of Marrakesh and the alluring anonymity of South America. Will love be Dorian’s redemption or his final curse? Only Mitzi Szereto, author of Pride and Prejudice: Hidden Lusts, would dare write a sequel to Oscar Wilde’s great literary classic.>>


[Posted 03.i.2014]

Rosemary Yeoland: ‘Richard Strauss, Romain Rolland and Salomé’  has now been published in Richard Strauss Jahrbuch 2013 (Tutzing: Hans Schneider) ISBN 978-3-86296-06-0 pp.61-77.