Wilde Days in Paris 2014

2014 saw the 160th anniversary of Wilde’s birth, and we celebrated this in Paris with a series of events in the first half of June.  Most events took place at the Centre Culturel Irlandais, rue des Irlandais, just south of the Panthéon (click map, below).

We will keep this page in being with new information about Paris in the days of Oscar Wilde.  For example, for an excellent critique by Ariane Charton of the exhibition PARIS 1900, please click here.

Some Paris cafés of Wilde’s day   go (silver)

Introduction go (silver)to Wilde Days In Paris 2014

Conference programme  go (silver)

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— Conference registration  go (silver)CLOSING DATE 31st MAY

Exhibition ‘Wilde Art’ go (silver)at the Centre Culturel Irlandais

Exhibition at The Musée de Lettres et Manuscrits go (silver)

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Talks open to all go (silver)

Organisation go (silver)

Accommodation in Paris go (silver)


Click to visit Père Lachaise

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